Ian Warner : CV


Full stack developer with 15 years experience, focussed on Middleman, Laravel, MySQL, WordPress, AngularJS, Sass, Haml and CoffeeScript. Crafting responsive websites, CMS, social pages and hybrid mobile applications. Skilled in DevOps including Jenkins, Gulp, git as well as setting up and administering Linux servers in for example AWS.
CTO and Lead experience nurtured at Ask Hanuman (now Rabbit Finance), delivering a financial comparison site in Thailand. Responsibilities included mentoring others in development, tools and technologies. Tasked with creating a team including engineers, product managers, user experience experts and quality performance controllers.
Testing: I do not cut corners when it comes to testing; readability and maintainability of the code. Using PHPUnit, Behat, Karma and Protractor tests for full coverage code tests. Accessibility and mobile first approaches to development help reduce expensive iterations at a later stage.
Open source: personal project is CodeBlender (http://codeblender.net) a static generated Bootstrap / AngularJS prototyping tool set. Built through Middleman and utilising atomic development techniques to create helpers that conform to current accessibility and SEO micro format best practices.
SEO: Excellent knowledge of SEO; in redeveloping http://greentouchpi.com, achieved a page 1 listing on Google for major phrase 'massage Wimbledon'. A 600% increase in new customers is a direct result of this responsive, fast and improved static site.
Start-ups: Worked in many start-ups including my own; Logotribe (Nokia ringtones and logos); BeepTaxi (think Uber circa 2004). Experienced working remotely; done this from Tokyo, Ubud and Bangkok before.
Experimenting with React, Node and Mongo. All made with Sublime and my Mac!